Transformer Explosion in NYC Explosion Turns Sky Blue

Who knew that an accident could create something so beautiful! This is a video captured in Downtown Brooklyn of the moment a transformer blew in New York City. This electrical accident created a stunning light show in the dark sky at night and it was beautiful! The video was taken from a penthouse by someone who was simply sitting on there couch and noticed the bright blue hue in the sky. Thankfully this person decided to get up check to see what was happening and then record it. It is definitely a light show worth recording. Thanks to this guy or gal we are able to watch that very same light show and even share it with our friends.
I for one have never seen something like this except for maybe the Aurora Borealis. What a great video to shoot, I imagine this moment makes for a great conversation with friends or at a party. Definitely a great story for the grand kids and even better now that the guy has the video recorded. The beauty of tech in the 21st century.