Protective Pup Worries Over Owner

You know that your dog really loves you when you see him trying to protect you after you’ve been in an accident and you’re unable to move on the ground. This is what was captired on video this time. We get to see how a man seems to have had an accident and is on the ground being taken away by paramedics. Or at least trying to be taken away. The owners dog was barking away at the paramedics who are only there to help. But he of course does’t know that, so for everyone’s safety he was being held back by some bystanders. The dog is being held back in a ver gentle manner so that the paramedics can do their thing but it was impossible to hold him back forever.
When the dog broke free he hurried onto his owner to try and back off anyone who was close by. It is one of the most touching things that you will ever see on the internet. It’s that beautiful and pure love and instinct to protect our loved ones. That is seen here, a very touching video indeed very much worthy of sharing.