People Give a Koala a Drink During a Summer Heat Wave

Koala bears are very cute animals. They are slow moving tree lovers and usually don’t have problems living on their own. But when a summer heatwave hit and slowed down the koala in this video to the point of exhaustion, the people that saw him didn’t hesitate too much to help him out a bit. This video shows us how a koala next to the Murray River was helped out by a couple of nice people who were walking by and happened to spot this furry little guy. They noticed he was just sitting there and figured he needed some help. So in this video we get to see how a lady pours the koala some water from her water bottle so that the Koala can have a refreshing drink.
It’s so nice to see people doing nice things like this. This is a touching video that is worth sharing so that we’re reminded of how vulnerable some animals can be and how much we are all able to make a difference on this planet. We are after all living all on the same planet, so why not help each other out whenever possible including the rest of the species living here.