A Hurd of Goats Follow a Runner

We have a somewhat random and also very funny video today. This video is shot by a man who was on a run on a lonely dirt road. He records himself talking to the camera letting the futer viewers know that he feels strange as he was just running on the road when suddenly a group of goats join him. This is very funny to see, he points his camera behind him and you get to see the whole herd of goats running right behind him. The guy is just surprised and almost speechless. He even goes on to say that he really just doesn’t know what to say.
This is very ,uch a short clip worth sharing to give people a quick laugh. Who knows why the whole herd began running behind him. Maybe they thought he was someone else. I have never seen something like this, it’s a very unique video. This probably gave the man a very funny short story to tell. I wonder if he was afraid when they first began to run behind him, though it’s also possible that maybe he didn’t actually notice they were behind him until he looked back. It’s a strange, short and funny video.