Monkey Vandalizes Blue Car

What a strange video we have for the world today. This clip shows us a Malaysian Monkey vandalizing a blue car! It really isn’t that big of a surprise to see a monkey doing something bad like this since they are known to be troublemakers. But vandalizing a car? In the video we actually see how the monkey is intentionally pulling on the front license plate to get it off! After the monkey is finished yanking the plate off he casually climbs onto the car with not a worry in the world carrying the plate. The video ends with the monkey sitting on the roof of the car.
Some people love monkeys and some hate them. If you’re one of the people who hate them this is probably one of the reasons why you do. I guess no one can really blame you after watching this. I can’t imagine hoe the owners of the car reacted after someone tells them that a monkey took their license plate. That is if someone actually let them know that. If not then they probably didn’t notice until much later. What a strange video this is.