Single-Celled Organism Dying

The microscopic world is one of the most interesting subjects you hear about in school. This video is a crazy good reminder of all those science classes we have had when we were young. This video shows the death process of a single celled organism. The clip is recorded at 1000x magnification so you can bet that you are getting the best shot possible. The video begins and ends with the camera following a little moving cell. The cell moves around a bit until it suddenly stops and the cell wall ruptures. As soon as the wall is ruptured all the cell’s insides begin to gush out. By the end of the video the cell is no longer one big blob, it ends as a bunch of tiny particles spread across the frame.
This is such an interesting and cool process to watch. You can be sure you will enjoy every second of this video. One could even describe this process as beautiful. It almost looks like a moving art piece. Great short video to watch, it will leave you intrigued and poised to learn more about the microscopic world.