Bike Rigged with Fireworks to Celebrate New Year

Well we got a cool strange video for the world today. This video shows how a man gets on a bicycle that was rigged with 350 fireworks. You can probably imagine the beautiful chaos that ensues. It is a pretty crazy scene to watch, it probably wasn’t the safest thing to do but one thing that it was is pretty. When the guy is riding the bike he even looks cool. But again, let us remember that this really isn’t the smartest thing to do at home.
From the video you can even tell that the rider was afraid of those fireworks. There is no surprise there since those are pretty large fireworks lighting only a few inches from his body. But this group of fellas did capture a pretty unique video to share with friends and family. Though this is probably not the best video for kids to watch, they would probably get too many ideas from this.