Boat Gets Flipped Over and Sucked in by Massive Wave

We have another accident video to share today. This video shows u how a pretty large boat was flipped over by a wave and even sucked under the water. The clip shows us the precise moment this happened which is pretty amazing. The boat had the anchor down and made the line snap. You can tell the wave was a strong one by the way it lifted the boat in the air without a hitch. Fortunately the boat didn’t have anyone on board when this occurred. It most likely wouldn’t have ended well for anyone who was in the boat if there were people on board. This is a great reminder to us all that mother nature isn’t tamable. We must always keep in mind that nature is a force to be reckoned with.
It’s best to respect the force that nature possesses to make sure we avoid getting in dangerous situations like this one. It is such a shame that this boat was most likely lost due to this accident.