Bridge Collapse in Gorky Park on New Year’s Eve

There was an unfortunate accident that occurred on new year’s eve in Moscow’s Gorky Park. A bridge full of people collapsed from the shear weight of all the people standing on top of it. This occurred at night and was caught on camera. This video shows us the precise moment the bridge began to give in and actually fail. You’re actually able to see how the bridge was bending before it completely snapped. There was one person that even seemed to have noticed something was wrong with the bridge and was looking down at it from the top of the bridge. He most likely noticed the bending or heard the sound of the wood cracking.
Unfortunately after the bridge gave in all of the people that were on it didn’t have time to react and just fell right down with the part of the bridge they were standing on. Fortunately no one lives were lost or was even badly injured. This is probably partly due to the fact that the bridge wasn’t high off the ground. Because of this there wasn’t a hard impact when falling to the ground.