Guy Cooling Off a Kangaroo During Heatwave

Today we get to see how a man cools off a wild kangaroo during a hot summer heatwave! This is a pretty nice video showing how a Kangaroo gets close to a man who is emptying out a trough to get some of that water he was throwing out, on herself. The video begins with a man throwing water on top of the overheated kangaroo and ends with the kangaroo finally walking away after receiving plenty of water on her body to cool down fo a while. It’s a heart warming action to see the man splashing the water on the kangaroo. He probably understood the kangaroo completely since he was in the same summer heatwave. This is a good example of how we can help other species with things as simple as water.
It was amazing to see how close the man and the woman behind the camera were able to get so close to the kangaroo without it being too startled. This is probably how bad the heat was there, so it’s a good thing this man decided she deserved to cool off a bit.