Huge Flames Light Up the Night

This video captured huge flames at a distance filling the night sky with orange light. This seems to have happened somewhere where it was snowing which is strange. Somehow a fire got to a big enough size in the snow to actually light up the sky with orange colored light. In the video we see the flames from a distance, it actually looks kind of beautiful too. It’s no wonder why we’re able to see other people standing next to the road watching this light show. You’re able to see that there are other people holding up phones to record the event as well.
It’s pretty amazing how the flames light up the night so much. But it’s also strange that a fire could get so big with so much snow around. We unfortunately don’t know where this happened or even what caused the huge fire so it is unknown if there were any people that could have been in danger. But again, the place looked to be covered in snow so one can probably conclude that the fire wasn’t able to spread and probably didn’t too long.