Kayaking Down the Largest Natural Water-Slide

Check this crazy video out of the largest natural water slide! This is a unique video that I can guarantee you haven’t seen anywhere else. This is definitely an extreme sport type video, so if you’re an adrenaline junkie you will most definitely like this. Today’s video shows a man kayaking down what you can say is the largest natural water slide known to man! And it is epic, definitely the type of thing adrenaline junkies would enjoy. The clip begins with a guy in a kayak at the top of a rock drop off. He gets right up to the edge and then just lets himself slide down with the water. You feel a bit of fright by just imagining being there. The guy then proceeds to have the time of his life sliding down with what we imagine is adrenaline pumping through his veins. Especially because there is a part where he almost gets turned over. You can see the guy cheering as he avoids this and keeps moving down with great joy. It is definitely something I have never seen before, very much a shareable video.