Baby Cow Takes Shelter from Heat

We have a very cute video to share today. In this video we get to see a very cute small white baby cow taking shelter from the hot sun in a car! You most likely have never seen acuter cow than the one in this video. The video begins and ends with the camera pointing at the baby cow standing on the passenger seat of a car. The video is shot from the actual drivers’s seat, so you can tell that the person behind the camera is comfortable having this little guy close. It leads one to believe that the person who recorder the video was the actual owner of the cow because not everyone would feel comfortable with having this guy this close.
This is one very cute video, you get to see how the baby cow just stairs at the camera for a while. The video ends with the little guy mooing which is probably the cutest ending you could ask for. This is one of those videos you share and get all the animal lovers reactions.