Climbing Cat is Too Cute

This big fluffy climbing cat is too cute. In this video we get to watch how an adorable chubby cat tries to climb onto a shelf to get what looks to be a cat toy out of a box. It’s very funny to see this guy trying to get this funny pink looking thing out because it’s in a bit of a complicated place to get out for a cat. But that doesn’t stop this little guy, he climbs, claws an even bites at the thing trying to get it out of there. The clip begins and ends with the camera pointing right at the fluffy cat.
You even get to hear some girls laughing in the background, it also sounds like the camera is being held by a little girl too. You can imagine all the laughter and giggles this little guy caused with all of his fails. But the kitty didn’t even seem to mind, he was just fixed on getting that pink fluffy thing out of that crevice. HE was sticking his little arms and even head in there. You gotta give him credit for not giving up easily that’s for sure.