Tree Cutting Fail Ends With Tree on Truck

What a fail we have today. This clip shows how a man begins to cut a tree and struggles for a bit until he manages to get that darn thing to drop. The tree seems to be very close to a house or shed and that’s probably the reason why the man decided that its gotta go. But after struggling for a while and listening to the man with the camera say that he warned his buddy not to do it, we see how the whole thing kind of backfired on them. The tree begins to fall in the direction where one of the two men’s red truck was parked. And the bid old tree didn’t have a soft landing either. The tree smashed into the truck making the pick up truck bounce pretty hard.
It is not clear weather or not the truck actually suffered any damage from the impact but it is probably likely that it did. You can tell that tree is pretty heavy by the way it made the whole truck bounce for a bit. But it’s also possible that the truck didn’t suffer much, since we your really aren’t able to see any large damages to the truck.