Beach Backflip Fail

Today we have a pretty good fail video for you. Today we get to see how a guy who is obviously trying to show off his back flipping skills for everyone on the beach. Unfortunately for him his backflip doesn’t end well. He wasn’t able to land the flip because of a mistake when jumping. The video begins and ends with the camera pointing at the guy who is surrounded by people at the beach who are all there watching him. The guy seems to have some kind of air filled ball partly buried in the sand. The man tries to jump on that ball to get some energy and complete his backflip in the air. But it seems that he missed the sweet spot on the ball when performing his trick which seems to have led to his epic fail.
The face plant looked pretty bad but it also looked like the embarrassment hurt a lot more. The guy stood up in a hurry to show everyone that he was ok and walked as if nothing had just happened. I honestly can’t blame the guy since he is surrounded by people watching him. BUt the important thing is that he seems to be ok.