Floating hedgehog Enjoys Bath

Feel like watching a sweet video? This homemade clip is sure to satisfy your craving. This video shows us a very cute small little pet hedgehog getting a bath. The little hedgehog is floating in his little ball mode facing upwards while his owner is giving him a bath. The little guy seems to be enjoying it greatly too. This video will probably be one of the cutest things you will see today. It’s too cute to see this little hedgehog rolled up in a ball and just floating there. The video begins and ends with the camera pointing at him while he is getting his bath, it’s a cute but very cute video.
This is the type of video you send to all of your animal lover friends, anyone who sees this will most definitely melt in their seats as soon as they watch this. This is a great clip to watch in the morning to get your heart warmed up for the rest of the day, enjoy the clip!