Very Rare Sharptail Mola Fish Encounter

There is a very rare fish in the ocean called Sharptail Mola, these fish are extremely rare. This is a video of a man who was diving in some unknown ocean and had a very close encounter with one of these amazing fish. The video shows that the fish passed right in front of hi, the man seemes to be no further than one to three meters away from the unique looking fish. It’s amazing to see this unique species swimming, they are a very unique species. But these shouldn’t be confused with Ocean Molas. Which are much more common, even though they look similar.
This is a very magical video. it is very pleasant to see the fish swimming so gracefully in the calm ocean water. You can obviously also tell that the diver in the video knew how rare this fish is as well. He records his own excited reaction and you can very much tell he was very happy to witness such and amazing species. This even leads one to believe that he may be a scientist, because I don’t think very many people would know to identify this lovely fish.