Motorcycle Base Jumping

Must see extreme sport stunt. Do you like the adrenaline pumping kind of sports? If so, then you will like this very cool short video. In this clip we get to see a guy use a motorcycle to do an amazing base jump on a very big sand dune in some desert. You can tell that it’s a huge dessert too. In the video the guy behind the camera is standing on the very top of a big sandy hill. From which the man on the motorcycle did his jump. So we’re able to get a pretty large view of the dessert where they are, that’s how we’re able to tell that this is some pretty big dune.
This is a video that not only the extreme sports lovers can enjoy. I’m the perfect example of this, I’m really not into extreme sports but this stunt is just awsome. This is a short video that is very much worthy of being shared. You will thank yourself for letting yourself watch this awesome short clip.