Glowing Blue Sky During Meteor Shower

What an amazing video we have for you today! This is a must see video of a dark night sky glowing blue during a meteor shower and it looks very cool. The video seems to be shot from a camera on someones porche or a camera mounted somewhere on the side of a building. In the shot you see a bunch of house rooftops, and the sky. Half of the frame is actually filled with sky. The video begins as a calm night with nothing special going on until something does happen. You suddenly see a very very bright blue glow originate from the sky and light up the whole sky and all of the houses in the shot. The blue light becomes so bright that the camera isn’t able to see for a second. Everything in the shot becomes overwhelmingly bright.
This must have caught a lot of people by surprise, who knows what everyone there must have thought when this happened. I sure know I would be very surprised