Dog doesn’t know how to play with new toy

We have a funny cute video of a golden retriever named Ridley trying to figure out what the owner expects of him. This is a funny short video that all pet lovers will most likely enjoy. This homemade clip begins with the owner of the dog handing Ridley a doughnut shaped fluff toy. It seems to be a new toy that Ridley doesn’t know what to do with. At first the owner slowly gets the doughnut in the dog’s face and after seeing that she doesn’t react she decides to put it on his head. It’s very funny to see the dog’s weird reaction. You can tell that Ridley is very very confused by his face expression.
This video will probably remind all of us pet owners of the funny moments we have had with our own pets. I for example remembered a couple times I got this face from my dog. It’s a hilarious reaction that’s worth sharing to all our pet owner friends.