Guy Breaking Bricks With Nothing But His Hand

Ready to watch a surprising video? Check this video out of a man breaking bricks with nothing but his bear hand. This is literally a video of a man breaking a bunch of bricks in half with just his hand. The video is surprising, it’s crazy how this guy just goes at it like it is the easiest thing in the world to do. The video begins and ends with the camera pointing at the man who is standing beside a big stack of bricks. He begins with the first break and hits it once, he actually isn’t able to break it with the first hit, so he goes on hitting it a second time. The second hit is a success and all the bricks after that are all broken in half by this guy’s damn hand.
I can only imagine the big bruises this guy got when trying to learn how to do this incredibly “useful” skill. But hey, it makes a great viral video so cheers to him and his crazy steel hand. A video worth sharing to pass the time.