The average salary for Cisco Certified Network Professional is $109,000 in the United States

Interested in making $109k per year? Then take a look at the complete overview of Cisco 300-101 certification exam:

The Cisco 300-101 certification exam is an essential evaluation test of one’s expertise in the implementation of Cisco IP Routing. The exam leading to the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching certification is administered by the Cisco company through its initiative called Cisco Learning Network.

The ability of the expert systems application professional to effectively implement the routing of a Cisco system IP address remains an essential service for which organizations pay money and have access to. It therefore means that a certified specialist will be a valuable asset for every organization in the currently competitive markets. For this reason, this article reviews the Cisco 300-101examalong with a blueprint to how you can pass this certification test

Exam Details

The Cisco 300-101 test is a critical skill for every organization to have, whether in house or through outsourcing. This reality means a Cisco certified expert is a highly valued part of the organization’s continued operability.

To begin with, modern forms of communication are now commonplace in organizations, but these new and sophisticated forms cannot exist without routing. The Internet interactions are routed from one network to another. The incoming call are redirected from the switch to the recipient’s phone within one company. However, the most important thing is the creation of computer systems networks for communication, whether within the company or around the world.

The Cisco 300-101certification test ensures that these corporate requirements are easy to discharge by placing qualified personnel closer to the organization. The candidates are allowed 120 minutes to take the exam, which usually contains about45-65 questions. These questions are in the form of multiple choice (single/multiple answer), drag and drop, and even as interactive testlet. The passing score is usually 800.

With multiple skills in routing and networking being tested, the 300-101exam covers the most pertinent areas of organizational IT network systems, including routing protocols, ways to redistribute routes in EIGRP, and even ways to achieve a common network configuration. More importantly, the Cisco graduates are expected to be equipped with such knowledge as to determine the most optimal path an external route should take in OSPF, the creation of complete route maps for granular control over route redistribution among many other skills.

A critical resource in the implementation of Cisco IP Routing is the use of CiscoCore Packet Switching technology. This makes use of fast switching, process switching, as well as Cisco Express Forwarding. The Cisco 300-101 test evaluates one’s suitability to apply all these to an existing network, as well as createa new one. The exam is provided by Cisco and administered by Pearson VUE.

Skills Tested

Cisco 300-101 is a comprehensive exam. As a result, it evaluates the candidate’s competency in a number of IT skills related to the implementation of Cisco IP Routing.

The 300-101 exam questions cover the following skills:

  1. Layer 2 Technologies. This section accounts 10%.
  2. Layer 3 Technologies. The questions in this section contributes 40% of the total exam score.
  3. VPN Technologies. The skills tested on VPN technologies will give you up to 10% of the final exam score.
  4. Infrastructure Security. This section contributes a further 10% of the total exam score.
  5. Infrastructure Services. The final share of the score comes from skills associated with infrastructure services and accounts for the final 20%.

The students should therefore prepare extensively for this certification exam, as well as knowall questions related to the categories above. Other prominent topics include:

  1. Using Cisco IP Service Level Agreement (IP SLA) to test and react network conditions
  2. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) configuration
  3. Performing packet switching
  4. Common ways to prevent suboptimal routing and routing loops
  5. Implementing policy-based routing (PBR) to modify routing for specific clients or services
  6. Using policy-based routing (PBR) in a modern network

Exam Centers and Rules

The candidates who registered to sit for the Cisco 300-101exam can do so at designated test centers around the world. This is because Cisco offers all its certification exams online, making them accessible all over the world at the same time.

There are different criteria a center must meet before it is accredited to offer IT exams administered by Pearson VUE. These requirements are mostly similar. However, the accredited students should have access to high-quality and uninterrupted Internet connection. As the tests are timed, Cisco and Pearson VUE see that otherwise qualified candidates will not be penalized or failed due to uncontrolled conditions.The entity seeking accreditation as a Pearson VUE exam center must also guarantee uninterrupted power supply during the test.

Admittedly, these conditions for accreditation have been met by millions of centers around the world. As a result, the 300-101 and all other Cisco certification exams administered by Pearson VUE are easy to access and pass in all major cities of the world. In fact, even some mid-sized urban centers along with the US foreign military bases are eligible for accreditation as a Pearson VUE test center.The candidate just needs to find the nearest one to him/her.

Study Resources

There are numerous study resources available online. Most of them are either free or available at pocket friendly prices. However, the Cisco Learning Network remains at the forefront of reputable sources of study materials for the 300-101 exam. It is also a great resource for all the other Cisco certification tests. The learning network also provides practice tests to be better equipped for the actual exam.

Similarly, the Test Brain Dump is an equally useful source of study and revision resource for the Cisco 300-101exam. It also offers practice tests so an individual can better prepare for the real exam. You can also visit one of the best preparation online platforms – PrepAway. It provides the students with brain dumps, video tutorials, and exam simulators. PrepAway Cisco CCNP Route Certification Practice Test Questions Part 1 300-101 Exam is considered the best preparation tool among the applicants.