Surprise Photo for Photographer

Today we have a pretty crazy video for everyone. In this video we get to see how a drag race photographer accidentally captures an accident with his camera. The video begins on the side of a drag race track. The photographer behind the camera seems to be there to try and get some good shots of the race from the side. The video shows how the cars begin to race and by the end of it he records one of the cars with its parachute out beginning to slow down. As he is pointing the camera towards this first car who won the race the second car comes into frame from the right side but in a million pieces. The car flips and gets tossed in the air broken into a million pieces. The car flung right next to the camera man too, so it was quite a shot.
One can only imagine what the camera man felt after analyzing the situation and realizing that this day could have ended very wrong. He is a lucky man to say the least, e probably got scared but the shot he got of the accident is a very good close up.