Hoverboards Are Hard To Learn

You have to see this hilarious video of a guy trying out a hoverboard for the first time and realizing that it really is not as easy as it looks. This homemade video is priceless. We get to see how a group of friends are hanging out and drinking some beers when a guy thinks it’s a good idea to try out a hoverboard. This seems to take place in what looks to be like a house. The man tries getting on the hoverboard looking like a champ and instead ends up looking like a grown up toddler trying to walk. The guy get on the hoverboard and immediately just starts wobbling like crazy. Enough to make everyone laugh including you and I and his friends to taunt him. It’s a very funny video that is a great shareable laugh.
This is a perfect example of why I don’t even try using a hoverboard. It really doesn’t seem to easy to use. My favorite part of this video was when the guy began openning his beer while on the board, very funny.