Golden Retriever Puppy Loves Watching Cartoons in the Morning

Can you get enough of this little guy? We sure can’t! Every family loves Saturday morning cartoons, and it appears that this adorable gold retriever puppy just wants to join the kiddos as they watch their morning cartoons! Perched on the very edge of the couch, this little guy wants to put his best paw forward so he can get the best view in the house of that TV screen. We can all relate with that. It looks like he may nod off a few times throughout the video, but rest assured, he’s quite attentive while that show is still playing! Perhaps he’s watching so he can learn how to understand English better? What a good boy! It’s no wonder golden retrievers are known as one of the smartest breeds out there! Fluffy, loving, and intelligent, there simply aren’t enough videos of golden retrievers out there! Who doesn’t adore a puppy who loves watching cartoons? We are just eating all of these puppy videos up!