Prince William Turns Bright Red in Reaction to Question from Little Girl

We all love the Royals. I honestly don’t know very many who dislike them. And this is all because of how down-to-earth, kind, and full of integrity they are. Oh, and don’t forget their love for families! Out of all the reasons the world loves the Royal Family, it’s because of their love for their families. It is evident that they Prince William and Princess Kate adore each other and raising their children.

In this adorable video, this little girl asks Prince William to gallop with the rest of the kids on the stage. Prince William turns lobster red in response of how adorable that embarrassing question is! But despite his embarrassment, Prince William joins in with the girls as they gallop to the delight of everyone! We love a man who isn’t afraid to be silly with kids, and we’re sure Princess Kate does as well! Kids say the darnedest things, but the Royal family truly can’t get enough of them![/rumble/