Great White Shark Bashes into Diver’s Cage

The ocean interests some and scares others. In this rare encounter with a great white shark, this diver captures this fascinating creature as it attempts to get into the diver’s cage. Both frightening and spectacular, this video truly displays the power of the great white. In this video, the great white shark is swimming at the surface of the ocean, surrounded by hundreds of fish. Bait for the shark lies on the surface of the water, and the great white doesn’t hesitate to try to bite it, leading the shark towards the diver’s cage. But once the great white sees the diver’s cage, it begins to bump and crash into the cage, even going so far as to stick it’s head through an opening the cage in an attempt to reach the diver inside.

This video allows us to see a great white up close as it analyzes its surroundings and briefly interacts with humans. Great white sharks are one of the most powerful known animals that live in the sea. Upon failure to enter the diver’s cage, the great white gracefully swims away. How cool is this video??? We love ocean videos! Check out some of our favorites!