Passerby Rescues Baby Calf from Trench in India

In this heartfelt video, a few random passersby are seen at the bottom of a deep trench, attempting to lift an injured baby calf that had fallen in. The calf is hurting and quite heavy, so the woman at the bottom of the trench is experiencing slight difficulty lifting the calf out. As the video goes on, one of her friends helps her lift the calf out, and the person recording the video pans out to show us the mom of the calf waiting patiently. The calf appears to be in pain but is not in serious pain or bleeding noticeably. Once they were able to lift the calf out of the pit, the baby was able to stand and walk on its own, heading toward its mother.

What a sweet video! We are so happy those passersby saw that baby and were able to help it! They have such huge hearts, and we are so grateful for them! Check out some more of our favorite heartfelt videos!