If you are looking for a career in the medical sector that is well paid as well as having all the perquisites without being a full time doctor, then the job of a dental hygienist can be your ultimate option. According to the recent findings by Labor Statistics, the average income of a dental hygienist has reached up to $75,000, and the future for a dental hygienist looks promising and bright as their yearly wages are projected to increase up to 20% in the coming years, say http://dentaljobssite.com/.

Therefore, the future for a dental hygienist is hopeful and has so much scope; however, you can make the most of this profession by maximizing your opportunities by choosing a state that has a good pay rates for a dental hygienist. We have breakdown the average income of dental hygienist from low to high in all states of US.

States That Have High Pay Rates for Dental Hygienist

Every state varies the pay rates that are being paid to dental hygienist, but the results that have emerged from recent study are interesting. The west coast has conquered the top three slots, which includes Alaska on top and California and Washington DC after that. What is more interesting about these statistics is that New Mexico is on No.4 .a state that has an average household income of about $46,800 and Oregon has an impressive growth that took it from below to No.9. These statistics are from 2016 to 2017, that portrays that average growth in salaries of dental hygienist has boost up to 5.2%.

Here we have combined all wages in a form list and the top 10 states that are paying more to dental hygienist than rest of the states.

Rank State Average Annual Wage
1 Alaska $107,190
2 California $97,420
3 Washington DC $91,070
4 New Mexico $89.890
5 Maryland $89,740
6 New Jersey $85,500
7 Arizona $85,450
8 Nevada $84110
9 Oregon $82,850
10 Massachusetts $82,290


States That Have Low Pay Rates for Dental Hygienist 

The states that has the lowest pay rates for dental hygienist are also depend upon the median of their household income. However, studies have found out that the average annual income of dental hygienist in Alabama is less than its average household income that is around $46.472, which ascertains that it is in fact the lowest pay rate in the whole US for dental hygienist.

Rank State Average Annual Wage
1 Alabama $47,290
2 West Virginia $54,920
3 Louisiana $57,450
4 Mississippi $57.620
5 Kentucky $59,500
6 Michigan $62,410
7 Maine $62,560
8 South Dakota $62,560
9 Florida $63,040
10 South Carolina $63,040


However, after the detail analysis of all the average salaries from all the states, South Dakota has a vast growth in salaries of about 8.8%, South Carolina has 7.2% and Delaware and Oregon has potential growth of about 5% in salaries of dental hygienist.