Check out this video of a boy who pulls off a one-in-a-lifetime ping-pong trick shot! Similar videos might be a dime a dozen online, but behind each one stands dedication, tireless practices and the thrill of never quite knowing which attempt will be the winning one! The boy’s stunned reaction is something you cannot fake!

The video shows that if you are creative enough, the whole world is a playground. You don’t need something more than a basement and a table to show the world your mastery of the tennis paddle and accuracy of your hawk-like aim.

In fact, you can enjoy the opportunities that the great outdoors provides for every novice and expert trick performer equally. Just ask these pogo masters who do a stunning performance surrounded by lush nature even in an urban setting.

Of course, the harder the trick, the higher the prize that comes in the shape of satisfying both your desire to prove yourself and other people’s curiosity as to where are the limits to people’s abilities.

Some might say the boy “got lucky,” but skills and luck go hand in hand in sports, and the latter can’t exist without the former.

The best example is card games, where newbie players wrongly believe there’s nothing they can do if they are holding bad cards. In his book Shut Up and Deal famedpoker commentator Jesse May says: “Understanding luck is philosophy, and there are some people who aren’t ever gonna’ fade it.” This idea is also covered in Sting’s Shape of my Heart where the protagonist believes there’s “hidden law of a probable outcome.”

Yes, “fortune favors the bold” just like luck favors the prepared which is why successful gamblers never set foot in a game without a working betting strategy just like the boy from the video must’ve attempted this trick shot hundreds of times to determine the most probable way of nailing it.

For those that follow-up on their success and find the will to keep walking even against the wind, life can change forever.

Just think about how many celebrities have reached such status after being discovered on the web without well-connected managers and premium equipment behind their backs.

But you don’t have to be athletic or a great singer to do something to impress. A Sharpie will do the trick, literally, just like this magician teaches three easy tricks with Sharpies and coins.

The internet is such a great stage — it opens performers to the whole world and lets the entire planet discover the talent and abilities of people who only a couple of decades ago, would’ve likely never even dreamed of getting something like thousands, even millions of views.