Some people believe that animals are not capable of having feelings and having friends, so we think that with this heart-breathtakingly and adorable video will show everyone that animals can be best friends with humans and other animals too.

Adorable animal friends are always there for each other as companions, no matter what. Sure, they get into scuffles now and then, but in the end, there is no other furry creature they’d rather spend their time with!

We think that there’s nothing cuter than seeing a precious video about animal best friends, but there’s a special place in our hearts for animals that have friendships with animals of different species. And this horse loves to spend time with his new best friends, which is a bunch of rabbits and they are all so adorable!

Now, let us tell you, this video isn’t long however, we can see clearly that there are a couple of bunnies on the ground and a big horse watching over them. They all seem very interested into finding out about the other so their curious self’s come out for the world to see. We find it very interesting that the size difference between the both species is pretty big, however this doesn’t stop them from seeing if there is a friend within.

And that’s exactly what they figure out, there is a mutual interest and they are willing to put all their differences aside and make friends. It is not often that we see such occurrences as this kinds of animals never tend to come in contact, let alone face to face like in this video. This is just too funny. Check out this adorably crazy clip of a horse trying to make friends with a pair of rabbits. So precious!

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