If the trains in the above video only had something like automatic passenger counting…

What is automatic passenger counting? Automatic passenger counting (APC) is a relatively new technology in the transportation industry. It is used by fleet companies that manage taxis, buses and coaches, and trains and trams, as well as VIP luxury vans. The main aim of such a system is to collect data related to the number of passengers who board and alight from vehicles when they are working.

Since its inception, there has been a major evolution in the technology used as APC systems moved from manual operation to full automation. Today, APC can achieve incredible results.

  •         Independent counting of passengers through the use of facial recognition cameras and sensors installed near the door makes the system accurate.
  •         Weight sensing technology can estimate the number of passengers on board.
  •         APC systems transmit data in real time via the internet.

Choosing the Best APC Technology

Public transportation requires accountability to increase profitability and reduce conflicts between managers and workers. This is where APC technology comes in. But before we look at the best software to use, you should have some knowledge of how to choose the best.

Select a current solution that is used by many public transportation companies. Luckily, you can never go wrong with Eyeride products when this need arises. Ensure that the solution is less complicated for optimal ease of use and that it has many features. Now, here are the best APC solutions that you should use.

APC from Eyeride – the APC package from Eyeride is especially reliable. It offers real-time passenger counting, and the fleet managers can access the information at any time from corresponding software. What is more is that all data is accessed from a single dashboard, which makes it very easy to use. Additionally, this APC technology will map the peak and off-peak time for better management of your transportation business. As a bonus, you also get other route data through various reports.

InfoDev APC – if you want to explore another option, you can try this APC technology. It is user-friendly because managers will also receive real-time data on their devices. The service provider has already built a reputation through reliability and support for all the customers. You too should expect this when you decide to use this APC software in your fleet company.

ETA Transit APC – you will be able to manage multiple transportation vehicles through this software. The features range from real-time passenger counting to counting students when they swipe their IDs. This increases transparency and accountability at all times. If you decide to use this as your APC, your business will have numerous benefits. Just as with other systems we have discussed, the service provider offers support and updates for the system.

Many other APC solutions are available, and you can check to see which one suits your company’s needs in the best way. Even when choosing any of the three that we have discussed, it is important to confirm if all features will be of help to you. Also, consider the subscription fee and the value that comes with it.