Usually, blogging starts as a hobby for most people, but after a while, you will be amazed by the opportunities you can get. You can start a tech blog and improve your knowledge for tech and improve the knowledge of your readers as well. Tech blogging is getting more and more popular because of the new inventions today we have in the market.

The benefits of blogging is that you can work on your own time and your own schedule, you can have full control over your life, according to Huffpost.

There are consistently new tech giants that always reveal big technologies, that’s when bloggers blog about them and make the most money.

People will always need information and tech tutorials and guide so they can easily implement in their lives. You can start your tech blog by clicking here.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

It is better to provide something that can be valuable that people can learn and implement in their lives. The potential of making money in blogging is sky high, but it is better to have 1000 words articles that the reader will consume it better, than have 200 words article that no one will see it.

Use Social Media

Content is the king but distribution is queen and she wears the pants. You need to focus on promoting your content on one maximum of two platforms that you enjoy and are popular in your niche. Doing a digital marketing training course can teach you how to promote tech news on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin, Youtube. You can even head over to Quora and Yahoo Answers to answer the people’s problems and it is another method to bring people to your blog.

Those answers stay forever so you can get traffic from those until the post is live.

Making Money from your Blog

The potential of your blog to make money is sky high, you have a lot of platforms that offer huge deals for their affiliates and you should consider doing it.

The best methods to make money from your blog are Affiliate Marketing like ClickBank or Amazon Associates, doing your own course and sell to your audience. You can start your own eCommerce store and dropship items from china, you can add ads on your blog from Google Adsense or some Carbon Ads. Patreon is now very popular with the content creators, you can let your most loyal readers know to follow you on Patreon for less than 2$ a month. You can create special content for them. You can also dropship. The best way to dropship from China is by sellingĀ aliexpress best sellers.

There are no limits in tech blogging, you just need to start a focus on quality and promotion, the readers will come.