Everyone is talking about reusable coffee cups, and they are now more common that ever. These cups are the answer to the chronic paper coffee cup problem, as these sort of disposable cups cannot be recycled.

There is no doubt that reusable coffee cups are much better than paper coffee cups. The statistics for paper coffee cups are startling, and these cups have been endangering the environment for so long. It is time to do something about it!

Why Can’t Paper Coffee Cups Be Recycled?

We know that 99% of the coffee cups used in the world today are not being recycled. One of the major reasons why this is the case is because it is difficult to recycle these paper coffee cups. Many governments have abandoned their attempts to recycle these paper coffee cups, because of the cost involved. But what is the cost to the environment?

The Use of Polyethylene as Inner Lining in Paper Coffee Cups

Paper coffee cups are so difficult to recycle because the majority of these products have an inner lining that is made of polyethylene. The inner lining made of polyethylene helps to make the paper coffee cup sturdy and leak proof. Coffee is hot and is usually sipped slowly, meaning paper cups with no lining will not be feasible because the liquid content will leak through the paper.

Lack of Adequate Recycling Plants

Another reason why a majority of disposable coffee cups are not recycled is the inadequate provisions made to recycle these items. Only a few recycling plants can handle disposable coffee cups. We need many more of these recycling plants to deal with the scale of the problem.

Issues with Disposal of Paper Coffee Cups

Some of the main coffee brands that sell their products in these paper cups have confirmed that they can recycle the cups, but there is a problem.

A large number of consumers who buy coffee in paper cups leave the coffee shop to enjoy the beverage on the go. This makes it difficult for the coffee brands to collect the paper cups for proper disposal. This means that these cups are mixed with other types of waste and disposed of inappropriately.

We cannot blame the public, after all, paper coffee cups were designed for convenience, so that anyone can walk down the street taking their cup of coffee with them.

A lot of work needs to be done to educate the public about the dangers of improperly disposing of non-biodegradable paper coffee cups. It is a good thing that reusable coffee cups are now being introduced in many parts of the world. Reusable coffee cups offer so many advantages, and consumers can benefit from the discounts that many major coffee shops offer when you use your own coffee cup.

Get a Reusable Coffee Cup…

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