Nowadays, it is challenging for companies to find qualified candidates for open positions. That is why most businesses resort to using the service of recruiters to hire the best candidates. This approach requires paying headhunters to the entire recruitment process. This service doesn’t come cheap; the average fee paid recruiters per successful hire is about 12.000 USD. This payment is a bargain deal for companies using headhunters. Let’s consider seven reasons why businesses prefer to use the service of recruiters.

  1. Qualified Candidates Are Scarce: There are shortages of qualified candidates all over the world, and It seems the STEM sector is experiencing the worse hit. If a company cannot find qualified candidates on its own, the next option is to seek the help of recruiters to find the staff they need.
  2. Qualified Candidates Hardly Apply Directly: The size of the market is large, so most qualified candidates don’t bother to apply for jobs directly. Instead, candidates prefer to use the service of headhunters to help them find the ideal company. This approach helps top candidates maintain privacy and confidentiality. Else, some of their colleagues and teammates may realize they want to change their job.
  3. It is Unethical for Companies to Poach Employees From Competitors: A company going out to woo the staff from a competitor is unethical. Even if the ploy succeeds, it may lead to costly litigations. However, this risk is abated while using the service of a headhunter. The recruiting company can go all the way to invite the best candidates to apply for a job offer from their clients.
  4. Headhunters Prevents Employment of Poor Employees: The headhunters take the time to ensure they are providing the best candidates for their client’s service, which helps with the interview process. They must protect their reputation. So, recruiters do an excellent homework of weeding the unsuitable candidates. Having a good relationship with recruiters can help you get the best candidates without any hassles.
  5. Hiring Managers Have Limited Network: Although hiring managers do have connections, it cannot be compared to the skills and extensive network of headhunters. Presently, recruiters are the go-to professionals to get the best brains in the employment market.
  6. The Human Resource Teams Are Often Overwhelmed: The human Resource teams of companies are often overwhelmed with the responsibilities of managing the existing manpower. Ongoing tasks of managing operations, payroll, welfare benefits, among others, are quite tasking for the HR team. They may not have enough time to handle the thorough vetting required to select the best candidates.

Professional headhunters can find the best candidates in an industry that is short of qualified professionals. When the need arises, they can convince a committed employee to change employers just to satisfy their client’s needs. That is why companies who desire to employ the best candidates use the service of headhunters

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