A good way to improve the engagement of its followers on Instagram is to organize a contest. However, to turn this into success, it is necessary to establish a strategy beforehand. Always ask yourself, why offer a quiz? Is it to increase your visibility, increase the size of the community, and reward your loyal customers? The answer to this question will help you choose the participation mechanism to set up. Here, we will discuss 5 types of contests that have already proven themselves.

1)  Encourage the Creation of Creative Content

To increase their visibility, several brands favor competitions during which their followers are encouraged to create creative content. It can be cooking recipes, a photo with a theme, or a fun video. The format requested must be related to your activity and the difficulty of achieving it proportional to the gain.

In order to follow the spin-offs and boost their brand awareness, they ask participants to add a specific hashtag to their content. This may very well refer to the brand.

2) Suggest to Users to Put Themselves on Stage With Your Products

Do you sell products and want to reward your loyal customers? Suggest to your fans to stage themselves with your products! This type of competition is interesting for two reasons. Indeed, it targets the company’s customers while offering users the possibility of being highlighted by the brand. It is also a way to boost your reputation due to digital word of mouth. By posting a photo of them with one of your products, participants indirectly advertise to their community.

3) Create a Competition Related to the Season

You want to organize a contest, but have no specific idea in mind? Why not create a game related to the season? Between Mother’s Day, Christmas holidays, Easter, Halloween, back to school, etc. you have many opportunities to set up a seasonal competition.

4) Partner with an Influencer or Brand

Proposing a partnership with an influencer or another brand to organize a competition is a relevant technique for recruiting new Instagram followers from here https://activeig.com/buy-instagram-followers/. By doing so, you benefit from a double opportunity to promote your competition. On the one hand, you reach your community, and on the other hand, you have the possibility of presenting your brand to an audience likely not to know (but interested in your products).

5) Offer a Recurring Contest

To retain your followers and constantly recruit new ones, organizing a recurring competition is effective. It’s up to you whether you want to do it on a weekly or monthly basis. The important thing is that your followers write down this contest and prepare to win it. In this way, they do not unfollow from your Instagram account, and you get more and more qualitative participation. You can test several types of contests to see which one works best and which meets your objectives. However, don’t forget to analyze the impact of each contest by following comments, hashtags, or any other form of engagement.