Students everywhere, at one point or the other in their course, will have to write an essay. When you consider the process of writing an essay, it is time-consuming and demanding. Besides, there are many types of essay writing with different structures. This makes the process pretty overwhelming. As a result, many students do not find it easy

This makes it essential to keep abreast of future trends in the essay writing process. This article will review the growing trends in essay writing that will help in writing essays.

  1.       Essay Customization Top 5 New Trends for Essay Writing in 2020

In other words, these days, you can now get an essay that fits your taste perfectly. It will meet all your requirements and be unique. This way, no other essay will possess the same qualities, except it is plagiarized.

In writing an essay, authenticity is a must. This means it must stand out from an essay that has been written before on the same subject. This is one of the essay writing trends that might not go away any time soon.

  1.       Writing and Editing Tools

Many people take their time to compose a great essay. They, however, lack the right grammar and punctuation skills. With the advent of technology, life is now easy for a man. This has reflected in our education as well. There are various software and tools developed to make life easier, such as editing tools to help people with grammar problems.

Grammarly is a well-known editing tool that has gained people’s confidence over the years. The idea is to solve punctuation and grammar issues in people’s essays. This trend will continue in the year 2020. Even if you are armed with the best essay writing tips, poor editing might shoot you in the leg.

  1.       Essay Writing Companies

Over the years, there has been a rise in essay writing companies. They provide customized essays that suit the taste of their clients. They handle different types of essay writing and are pretty helpful to many students.

There are certified essay writing companies that employ qualified and standard writers. Many students depend on them as they come with many advantages. Many times when I need someone to write my assignment for me, I consider essay writing companies. There are many advantages of using essay writing like zero plagiarism, on-time delivery, top-notch customer service, etc. It is not surprising many students are turning to their favorite services.

  1.       Emphasis on Creativity

Essay writing involves putting your view and opinion about a subject on paper. With the latest trend in essay writing, professors are more after creativity. In other words, they want to see students express their creativity.

Using questions, facts, storytelling, professors want to see how students can express their viewpoints. This is why many colleges encourage students to publish their writing online.

  1.       Increase Use of technology

Technology has positively affected almost every area of our life. It has completely changed the way we write and research. With the Internet, the entire process of learning has taken a new turn. People can get math, English, bookkeeping, accounting homework helpers, and assignments on other subjects online.

To get research material on a topic is now easy as the Internet is available for all. Students can reach out to professionals via emails or Skype for help with proofreading. Students can gather essential facts and data with the use of social media. Essay submission as well sometimes happens via the use of email.


The world changes every time as new trends emerge. It is not surprising that new trends are emerging in essay writing every time. These writing trends are helpful as they can help you improve your essay writing skills.