We all know how stressful applying for any job can be, but if that job happens to be your dream job, then all the pressure is on…

Hiring managers don’t have a load of time to read thoroughly through each application, which means you only have a certain amount of time to get them to sit up and notice you.

Hiring managers believe that your resume should be your space to communicate your story and should reflect more than just what you did but what you’ve also accomplished throughout your career to date.

So here are some top tips to make your resume stand out.

  • Tailor-make your resume for whichever position you are applying for. So, if you are applying for a designer role, then add something creative such as pictures and fonts, whereas if you’re going for a finance role, then let them see numbers.  Try and include only relevant employment positions – they won’t be interested in you have been a babysitter (unless you are applying for a nannying job).
  • Use the job posting as a guide – when writing your resume, include the words that are from the actual job description. Some companies use keyword searches when they are looking through resumes.  So, customizing your resume is a great tactic to stand out.  So, review the job posting and the company’s website to determine what you are going to include.
  • Simplicity is key. Just bear in mind, you don’t know how a hiring manager is going to read your resume as it could be on their phone, or through a tracking applicant system.  If your resume is over complicated and too busy, they could stick it.  Format, font, and headings in bold are essential.  Keep to clear and concise.  Try and keep your resume to just one page, two at the most.  Avoid any negatives and fluff!
  • And your objective is? Try and have a header with your name and personal details in a large font just above your objective.  Include any social media and ways to contact you.  Hiring managers tend to like objectives at the top of your resume as they want to understand the thought processes behind your application.  It should only be 2 or 3 sentences explaining what you are trying to accomplish and what you can contribute.
  • Do your homework – research on the company is a real bonus. By going beyond the job description and looking at the company’s website, you can write a resume that incorporates some of the company’s culture.  Hiring managers tend to like applicants who have had the experience of volunteer work as it’s seen as similar to having leadership ability.
  • See if you can arrange an informal interview – a chat before the formal interview with someone from the company who can advise you on what the company wants and glance over your resume.
  • Visual appeal – think about your font size and style – keep them professional and ensure there are no punctuation, grammar, or spelling mistakes. So, proofread it before you send it off with your cover letter.