You are welcome here! I will assume you or a close friend or family is presently going through a hard time with chronic back pain, that is why you are reading this. Actually, I want to share
some reasons I always recommend that my patients go for deep tissue massage whenever they are having hard times with back problems.

For people who have once suffered from low back pain, they perfectly understand how uncomfortable it can be. Every piece of their normal daily routine becomes a big problem. From sitting in a chair, tying toes, sleeping in bed to walking upstairs, everything becomes devoid of fun.

About 80% of adults today experience back pain at some point in their lives. And if you are overweight, you have a higher risk of developing one. So it is not only a problem of athletes
or physically active people, even up to 54% of Americans sitting most times at work have low back pain.

Fortunately, there are various treatment methods available for back pain, including some conventional methods like using hot packs, engaging in stretching and strengthening exercises, medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, surgery and many more. However, deep tissue massage has also become widely accepted by the medical community because of
the positive results been gotten lately from it.

What Exactly Is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

This is a type of massage therapy that involves the application of slow strokes with firm pressure to reach the lower layers of muscle in the body, including the muscles and the connective tissue
surrounding it. This kind of massage is usually for people experiencing chronic pain and aches the upper back, lower back pain, shoulder tension, muscles tightness or

How Can Deep Tissue Massage Help with Back Pain?

#1: It increases blood flow
One of the characteristic features of a recovering muscle is increase in the flow of blood to such area. Studies have confirmed that deep tissue massage therapy is great for improving the
general flow of blood and so also reduces soreness. It also reduces vascular function even if you have not been having a physically active lifestyle.

#2: Deep tissue massage provides relief from stress
Whenever we feel a little bit of stress as a result of demands at our workplace or home which could result in those pains in our back, this sort of massage will be able to help ease out the stress. This is very essential because when you allow stress to accumulate, it can cause long lasting damage to both your physical and mental health. Today. Majority of people visiting the doctor’s office are coming due to some stress-related problems.

#3: It results in reduced tension
It is true that the body needs muscle tension to maintain body posture and general movements. However, when this tension is too much, it could result in muscle restriction and pain, especially in the neck and lower back. Deep tissue massage therapy is also a great and proven way to decrease tension.

#4: It helps ease off pain
When you are looking to lessen your back pain., deep tissue massage is just the best option for you. According to a research on Manual Therapy, it was stated that if massage was applied to the extensor muscles when combined with simple streches, it can do a great deal to help relieve pain in the lower back.

#5: Increases endorphins
Endorphins, which are commonly referred to as the feel-good chemicals in the brain are known for their pain-reducing effect on the body. When you take deep tissue massage therapy, it helps increase the production of endorphins in the brain and so produces a sense of euphoria and reduce pain.

#6: It makes movement much easier
Apart from the pains in your lower back, deep tissue massage can also help you get over pain on some other areas of the body which have been caused as a result of scar tissues. Although
scar is commonly caused by visible cut, some of them can take place a little deeper in your body – for example when you damage ligaments, muscles, or tendons. These type of scaring can be well taken care of by deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy May Help Several Back Problems

I always encourage my people suffering from back pains to always focus on combining massage therapy with their medical treatment. That is because I have seen the wonders this therapy can perform in helping to relieve lower back pain. There are several back problems that may benefit from deep tissue massage. Some of them include:

• Osteoarthritis of the spine
When the cartilage between the back portion of the alignment facet joints located at the rare part of the spine is broken down, we call it spinal arthritis. This causes the facet joints to become inflamed and painful as a result of progressive degeneration as bones rub on bones. Deep tissue massage can help reduce osteoarthritis pain as it improves circulation and reduces muscle tension.

• Muscle strain in the upper back or lower back
Most lower back pains are often caused by muscle strains, usually from a sudden fall or movement, or from lifting a heavy object. The pain can be very severe and could last for days. Deep tissue massage can help improve range of motion by helping to work the spasm or irritation.

• Fibromyalgia
This can affect people differently but it usually comes with pain, fatigue, and stiffness. Patients usually feel pain in the tender points. Deep tissue massage can target both the tender points and cause a great relief from pain.

Although massage is a non-invasive and relatively safe for back pain, I will always advise that people check with their healthcare provider for advice and referral. There are some factors to watch out for before going for deep tissue massage therapy such as surgery, unhealed wound, rash, varicose veins, osteoporosis and many more. But if you are in London, I will recommend you check with Massaggi for a deep tissue massage London. They are professionals and will tell you everything you need to know before conducting the therapy.