An online advertising service offered by Google, Google ads is a platform where potential customers and web users are suggested services, products, video content, and other applications. This service is beneficial for people who want their businesses to stand out from the rest in the search results. 


As an advertising platform, Google ads offer numerous benefits. It helps in generating traffic on a website through its optimal search engine. One can catch the attention of the right set of customers and drive more website visits by publishing the ads on different networks supported by Google, along with measuring the performance and the growth of the business at each step. 


Google ads play a key role in building online businesses by targeting the appropriate audience and getting substantial revenue in return. 


This article consists of a few recommendations and tips that will assist you to boost Google ads performance by using powerful tools like Clever Ads and more. These tips and factors must be taken into consideration to yield the maximum benefit and advantage of the services offered by Google ads. 


Position of the Ad

The recommended position for the placement of the ad is considered to be right at the top of the page, attracting the maximum attention of the viewers. Ads may also be placed on the right sidebar of the page or right at the bottom of the page. 


In order for the ad campaign to have more effective results, it is imperative for the ad to be placed at a location where it can draw the maximum footfall. 


For an ad to get located at an acceptable position, its quality score is the determining factor. Ads with a higher quality score are bound to get placed at more relevant locations on a page, as opposed to those with a lower quality score. 


Different factors, such as the relevance rate and performance of the ad, the keywords used, and the user experience offered by it, are used to calculate the quality score of a Google ad.  

Mobile Advertising


social networks on a smartphone

Among the many overlooked methods of utilizing google ads to their maximum potential is mobile advertising, which can drive more leads to a campaign. Through mobile advertising, an ad is capable of appearing on web pages, applications, and websites that can be accessed on a mobile phone or any similar “mobile” device such as a tablet. 


Certain ads like app promotion ads, images and text ads, responsive display ads, and more, are created specifically to get promoted on these devices. They routinely appear on mobile search results, YouTube, and other social media channels, as well as various other mobile applications. 


Mobile advertising is an essential tool, which helps in establishing immense customer support. 


Google Display Network


Advertising plays a vital role when starting a business on a limited budget. It has a low cost of operations, and you don’t have to spend excessive amounts on promoting your service or product. It also helps in keeping your targeted audience engaged, and helps you strategies using various data and statistical tools. 


One very reliable example of the same is the Google display network. The main purpose of approaching this network is to identify the right audience and target the right set of customers for the right products and services. This can help you to form an association with the audience that is most likely to invest in your product or service.


Different data, facts, and figures are considered to engage with people who are already interested in your ads, as well as attract new prospective audiences. People are usually reached out to through different websites they may browse, their social media accounts, various applications, or their Gmail accounts. 


Brand Awareness


As important as it is to effectively use tools and platforms like Google ads to expand your online business, it is equally important to increase brand awareness as well. The name, motive, modus operandi, and description of the brand, as well as information about the kind of product and services they promote, must be made available for the customers and the target audiences. 


This helps in increasing the interactions with the brand, building more associations, and increasing engagement in the ads. 

Final Word


While availing the services of Google ads for the growth of an online business, it is important to use them strategically. These aforementioned suggestions will help you optimize your google ads performance and rewards, promote your online business campaign, and help you to advertise your products and services to your target audience.