Are you thinking to start making the most out of TikTok to promote your brand? If yes then you are thinking right. TikTok has become one of today most influential and rapidly growing platform. The immense interest of its target audience has made it imperative for businesses to achieve increased customer acquisition through TikTok.

But there is an important element to consider, the “Video”!

Don’t worry if you have no idea about how to make your first viral TikTok Video. We have got you covered. By taking a closer look at the following key elements, you can get it done, flawlessly.

Knowing Your Audience and Their Preferences

Apart from just recording the video and sharing it with the world, there are a few key elements that you might easily miss on. And that’s exactly where knowing everything about your target audience comes in the first place.

To witness your video going viral on TikTok, you should have a detailed idea of the target audience whom you are about to bring your video. The majority of TikTok users comprises of young people, more specifically teens and young adults. And that’s the most important thing, your content should accompany their interests and preferences.

Getting Yourself familiarized with the TikTok Interface

It’s important to getting yourself fully acquainted with the entire TikTok interface before you step into the real action. TikTok is one of the most trending and technologically advanced mobile apps that brings user-friendliness, innovation, creativity all under one roof.

You can easily get yourself familiarized with all of its features and options once you jump in. By default, TikTok will show you two distinguished feeds where the For You feed has got it all for you. It has got all of the latest content.

Start using the app, the more you use the more it will reshape to your interests, and preferences. Once you start getting unique and recent posts that match your interests, it’s time to move on.

Making Your Own Unique TikTok Hashtags

One of the most important things to consider is all about the core elements based on which your audience will be able to get your video in front of them. That’s exactly where you should think about making your own custom hashtags.

Depending upon the nature of your video and the type of content, you can easily make interesting and trending hashtags that can bring you unimaginable target audience reach and TikTok video views.

Try to Stay Natural, Unique, and Creative

According to most of the experts, it is far better to stay natural yet unique and creative instead of trying to do something out of the box. It is going to be your first experience and your first video so do not put yourself into a huge hassle.

It might look like a matter of a few minutes for you to shoot and upload your TikTok video but it isn’t. You will have to spend some time on just those basic things that will bring you fruitful results in the future.

Recording Your First Video

TikTok allows recording only 15 seconds and 60 seconds duration of videos. You can easily choose between the two available options from the bottom of the screen. It is recommended that first, you should go with the 15 seconds option. It will allow you to get an idea and experience of the entire thing and then decide if it’s the right time to choose 60 seconds or not.
Next to choosing an appropriate video duration, you will have to make the most out of its recording features. You can choose to flip between the front and the back camera as per your requirements. Next to it, you can also experiment with its feature to record slower and faster videos.

You can also try its beauty filter to smoothen the video. Lastly, you will also love its feature for hands-free recording. You can choose between a 3-second and a 10-second timer to get yourself ready for the shot.
Now that you have gone through all of the above steps, you are ready to share your very first TikTok video with the world and get countless TikTok video views.