It is very difficult to find a female driving instructor – currently, for every 5 male instructors there is just a single female one. And the disproportion is more than noticeable. And unfortunately it is based on misconceptions and preconceptions, which say that men are the best drivers.

But it isn’t so and a single lesson with our female teachers will prove that. So apply now and have a free course with any of them – you will be convinced that you found the very best and you will sign the contract. Of course, it is all up to you if you wish to follow the courses of some other driving school – but we are more than convinced that it won’t be so.

But what is the difference between a male driving instructor and a female one? And why do people care about the gender of the instructor at all?

To answer the first question, we can say that there is no difference between a female driving instructor and a male one – if the instructor has passion for what he or she is doing, then you won’t even notice the gender. Nonetheless, many people believe that women are more empathetic than men are and that they can convey information in much simpler terms than men do. It is all subjective though, depending from one student to another.

All of our driving instructors are top notch, having plenty of experience both behind the wheel as well as teachers. So they can all teach anybody the rules and regulation of safe driving. All of our driving instructors are up to date with the latest legislation and the latest technologies, for them the process of learning never reaching an end – and they will teach you that too.

And this is probably the most important thing you will learn – to be a driver, you always need to assimilate new information. And you won’t find it difficult whatsoever, since you will also see driving as a modern passion and not just as a modern necessity. So you can take your driving lessons with a female driving instructor if this is what you want. But, at the same time, you can learn the same things by being taught by a male driving instructors.

As said, it is all about the student’s preferences.

We can also add that we have the most competitive fees on the market, fees which are further lowered by our special offers and discounts – give us a call, find out more about them and find out which of them can be applied to you. We cannot say that we are the cheapest alternative, since that would mean lying – however, as far as the results are concerned, we are the best driving school in the city.

If you want to take a shortcut, you may end up spending more time and money than previously thought. There are no shortcuts when it comes properly learning how to drive. What you need to do is actually have the best teachers in the city, the driving instructors who will convey all the new information in the easiest way possible. You need the teachers who can show you that driving and learning how to drive is not as stressful as thought.

You need to take driving lessons with a female driving instructor in Hatfield, or a male one, from our driving school.