Explainer videos are used in marketing to answer many questions about products, companies, or services. They can help your business increase web conversions, improve SEO search rankings, keep viewers on your page for up to 2x longer, and much more. These great videos come in many forms, ranging from animated and whiteboard to live action. A great explainer film should captivate your audience and leave them with an understanding of what you offer, followed by a strong call to action. Check out these 5 top explainer video examples:

Diner Plates

  • Plates not only share the purpose of the app, but also guide the audience through the simple registration process in this illustrative explainer video. The sound effects keep the audience engaged and make them feel welcomed with a friendly tone. The narration is straight to the point, and gets across the goal of shopping, eating, and living well.

Dollar Shave Club

  • Dollar Shave Club doesn’t hold back in this live-action explainer video. The founder of the company is able to make something as seemingly mundane as razors a memorable and persuasive ad. Although swearing can be considered improper and looked down upon by some, Dollar Shave Club identified and appealed to their audience by choosing humor and irreverence.


  • Slack (official website) utilizes animation to show off how their service can bring organization and simplicity to your workday in less than one minute. Despite there being no narration, the colorful graphics explain how their app will bring order to and relieve the stress of managing work meetings, emails, and more.

Purina One

  • Purina One appeals to cat lovers everywhere with this animated explainer video. In less than thirty seconds, they explain their mission and values to appeal to cat owners. They describe the scientific research that goes into making nutritious cat food, making their audience feel good about what they’re feeding their pets.


  • Asana’s “Do Great Things” illustrated video goes to show that simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication. They highlight the project management platform’s key features and versatility using simple elements and typography. Asana also made use of their logo, the three circles, throughout the entire video.