With over 2.7 million users globally, Facebook is one of the best places for you to increase brand awareness, obtain new leads, and build your customer base. Your Facebook business page is where those interested in your product or service will go for more information or directly engage with your business. They will be looking for details regarding your business history, what you’re selling, and what other customers have to say about it. It’s essential to optimize your Facebook page to take full advantage of all the benefits that your business has access to, and here are four ways to do it.

1. Facebook Chatbots

You won’t be able to answer your visitor’s queries 24/7. Whether you’ve got customers inquiring from the other side of the globe, or merely a considerable build-up of customer requests, there is no efficient way to manually manage your Facebook messages effectively without paying round-the-clock customer service staff. People reach out to you on Facebook for a reason; they want an answer to a question. The longer they wait for an answer, the more likely they will get a negative opinion of your business and go elsewhere. Create Facebook chatbot to instantaneously respond to your visitors as soon as they ask a question. Your chatbot can even prompt them, asking them what you can help them with. You can program your chatbot with answers to frequently asked questions in your brand’s tone of voice. If there is something that your chatbot can’t answer, it will let them know that someone will get right back to them.

2. Facebook Profile and Cover Images

Your Facebook business page profile and cover images give you a chance to grab customer’s attention while ensuring visitors can quickly identify who you are and what you do. Use these images to your advantage by including your brand’s colors and fonts, your logo, and switching out your cover image often with seasonal images and promotions. If you create graphics, keep all text in the center so that it doesn’t get cut off by Facebook’s framing.

3. Use the CTA Feature

Make sure you utilize Facebook’s call-to-action button in the best way for your business. Facebook offers a variety of different custom options, encouraging your visitors to click with a large blue button that is easy to locate. If your business is a service, you may want to use the “book now,” “call now,” “contact us,” or “request appointment” options. Alternatively, if you sell products, you can opt for “shop now,” “make a purchase,” “learn more,” etc. There are tons to choose from, and relevant options for every business type, so make sure that you set up this button to ensure you aren’t missing out on potential business.

4. Pin Important Posts

Facebook allows you to pin important posts to the top of your business page. Doing this ensures that whatever you pin is the first thing your visitors see when they land on your Facebook page. You can use this to highlight special promotions, events, new content, urgent updates, features, new products/services, or a welcome video. You will receive the highest engagement on pinned posts, so choose ones that make an impact or are essential for your business.