How to create a logo with Turbologo? Turbologo is a website that helps you create a logo for your company or business. Undeniably, aside from the name of the company itself, a logo is very important. It is a part of marketing tricks to make your brand be always remembered by customers and people, in general. Although a logo should not be forgotten, in fact, many business owners think that it is difficult enough to create a logo. Well, in big companies, there must be a team that works in this area. But if your company is just started, hiring a team to create a logo must be not the first option.

Turbologo provides you some solutions to create the best and unforgettable logo for your company. Moreover, it is very easy to make and access. Below, there are some steps to creating a logo using the website. Here they are.

Visit the Website

First of all, you can go directly to the official website of Turbologo. Once you are entering the website, there is the main home page where your step of creating a logo can just be started. There are some bars to submit basic information about your business to generate a custom logo design. You can enter your company name, slogan, and the industry area your company is running. For the slogan, it is optional particularly if you don’t have any of them on your mind. After submitting the information, click the button “Continue”.

Choose the Colors

You already move to the next page of the website. On the page, you are allowed to choose color palettes for the logo design. There is only a maximum of 3 color palettes. Why are they only 3 for the maximum? Well, a colorful logo is probably quite beautiful and cheerful. But in some cases, it is not really a good option particularly if your business has adults as the marketing segment. But if you submit information of business for kids and teenagers since the beginning, the color palettes to choose are more than that.

Make sure to consider some important aspects when choosing the color. For example, if your business has women as the marketing targets, colors like red or orange must be added. It is a different story if the marketing targets are men; darker colors are the better choice. Meanwhile, if the targets are all people, it tends to be more flexible. You only need to think about how to make the color combination is unique and memorable.

Choose Icons

Based on the business area you have submitted before, there are some icons that are provided. If the design and architecture are your areas, most of the icons are in the form of houses and the likes to represent them even more. The icons themselves have a wider variety. It is whether your company wants the logo to look simple and modern or a little bit more classic. Sure, in choosing one of them, you must consider the image to show to customers.

Interestingly, Turbologo doesn’t only allow you to choose one icon but even five. You may utilize this chance to find the best icons based on your opinions. Sure, you can let your business partners choose the best icons for the best logo of the company. After getting the best icons, click the button “Generate Logo”.

Choose the Best Logo

After clicking the button to generate the logo, you will move to the next page where some logos are available. Yes, there are around 10 logos generated from the process. Of course, you may not choose all of them. Pick only one or two among them that represent your business and company the most.

On the page also, if previously you have not thought about the slogan, you can add it now. The slogan must be simple but also memorable. How if you don’t like even one of the logos that have been created by Turbologo? Sure, you can repeat the process since the beginning to get the best one. The process itself is quite fast and easy. You will not spend too much time designing a logo with Turbologo. So, those are the steps of how to create a logo with Turbologo.