Nowadays, everyone knows the importance of creating videos for marketing purposes. However, the problem always comes from making videos that can go viral. So, if you want to create a video that is guaranteed to go viral, here are 10 verified steps you must take:

Make It Short And Sweet

You must know that humans do not have much attention span. We give little time for things and if it does not catch our attention within that short time, we move away from it. Several things demand our attention daily; so, we cannot dedicate much attention to a single thing. Since we do not have much attention, you must be able to pass your message across to the audience within the short time that they are ready to pay their attention to it. Within sixty seconds you can pass your message and it will be meaningful and interesting. Viral videos are believed to be interruptive, so they appear on our social media feed and also want to fight for our attention. Therefore, you have to make your viral video short if you want to get many viewers’ attention.

Ensure You Optimize The File Name

Before you upload a video on any platform, it will have an auto-generated title such as “” You need to rename it something that can entice the viewers. Do not use long words; keep the name short and meaningful.

Give Attention To A Single Message

Nothing works wonders as much as a clear, simple, and detailed content does. This is why you need to keep to that if you want to create a high conversion landing page or a blog post that would be shareable with your video. Keeping the focus on a single message is very important for a would-be viral video. At the start, you need to define what the video is all about and make your point clear and detailed as much as you can.

Use The Right Keywords To Improve The Title

You need to be smart with the title of the video. It is not just about keeping it short as earlier said alone; you need to add good keywords to the title. The essence of this is to improve the visibility of the video and increase its chances of going viral on social networks. The keywords must be descriptive and concise. To gain better attention from the viewers on social networks, you can add the word “official” or “new” to the name. Those two keywords draw people’s attention a lot. For instance, rather than giving your video a title like “how to make a good video”, you can give it a title like “The New Steps On How To Make A Good Video”. Make sure you capitalize each word in the title. A video with good keywords will go viral on YouTube or any other platform.

Give It Value

This section is essential for brands and companies that need viral videos to promote their businesses. For instance, a business group called Zina Magomet used biteable to make short videos and the videos had over thirty million shares. According to the group, their success was based on providing something valuable to their fans. Therefore, you need to create a video that is essentially useful to your audience. While you are thinking of making the video entertaining, also make sure it is of great value to the viewers.

Use The Right Format

One of the reasons that make a video viral is by creating it for social sharing. Ensure that the video is in the right format for every social network. You need to consider how people would access the video. According to researches, it is believed that eighty-five percent of Facebook videos are usually watched without sound. Therefore if you want to make a video go viral, you must be able to capture viewers’ attention for the right reasons within the first few frames.

Make A Branded, Catchy Thumbnail

Any time your followers share any of your videos on social media networks, the first thing that their followers would see is your thumbnail. This is true about every social media platform that does not use auto-play. You need to create a thumbnail that would be able to capture the essence of the video and can prompt a click from the viewers. Try as much as possible to avoid the use of text as it can become blurry on some screens.

Consider Mobile Users

If you want to make a video go viral, you need to consider the mobile device users. Most people are always on mobile devices. Indeed, studies have revealed that most YouTube videos are viewed with mobile devices. Therefore, if your videos are not suitable for mobile device users, its chances of going viral are almost non-existent. So, make sure the video is clear to watch on mobile devices.

Give The Video An Effective Description

Most social networks allow you to write a description for your video after uploading it. So, you should give your video a good description that can draw the audience to it. If you have a great description, you can get many YouTube organic views. Make sure the description is full of keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry and brand. Do not forget to add a domain link to your site at the description for the video on every social media network.

Stay Focused After You Hit Publish

You need to know that the process does not end after you hit the “Publish” button. The secret behind every viral video lies in knowing your targeted audience and delivering what is beyond their expectations. You need to study your video stats and sharing analytics; this will help you to plan better for future videos. In conclusion, there is no magic to viral videos than the steps discussed above. Therefore, you should carefully follow them and make an excellent feat for your business and brand.