Amazon offers the largest online marketplaces in the world. There are many millions of visitors and hundreds of thousand merchants promoting their goods daily. The platform is pretty competitive. Not all sellers survive during their first months. It is why you must be proactive from the very first day and schedule all your marketing activities accordingly. You must have a definite and viable working plan before you publish any listings of the goods and start sending parcels to customers. I monitor the evolution of Amazon-powered e-commerce regularly to provide you with the most robust tricks and tips regarding successful trading. In this article, we will describe the most efficient and affordable methodologies to get into the cohort of the best Amazon sellers as soon as possible.

Provide an Enhanced Item Description

You do this for people and search engines simultaneously. The description must contain all necessary keywords that are used by buyers to search for the goods that you distribute. Your number in the search results output depends on many factors (previous selling performance, number of positive evaluations, pricing), while the most important one is how the words in your item description correspond to the syntax of the given search request.  To locate the most usable keywords, use the tool in Amazon Seller Central, and read other educational articles on the Internet. Remember that when it comes to the search, SEO of goods description is a cornerstone. It may bring you to the top of merchants or block your selling attempts at the very beginning. The item description must satisfy not only search engines, but also be understandable and appealing to real people. We suggest that you input only essential and trustable information regarding your products.

Add Appealing and Unique Photos

While the description is mostly for robots, photos are completely for humans. Namely, photos are ultimately responsible for the final decision of your prospective buyer and influence your conversion ratio. Try to have images as descriptive of a specific item as possible. Always use the pics of what you precisely sell. Otherwise, you may face dissatisfied buyers who did not find their purchased item to be similar to an image on the website and hence request a return. 

Acquire Many Four and Five Star Reviews

This step is highly important. When you got your first happy customers, try to make them post a review. There are specific tools to send reminders to people with a direct link to where they need to evaluate their shopping experience. The faster your positive reviews get in place, the more new clients are delivered to your online shop by the Amazon algorithms.

Provide Quick Responses to Customer Queries

You always have 24 hours to communicate with each customer irrespective of the day of the week. This is normally enough to provide a response and make prospective buyers satisfied. The robots monitor the time that you take to react to the customers’ queries and promote the best merchants according to this criterion as well. If you have no time to communicate with the visitors, you may need to hire a person responsible for this area of merchandising.    

Be the Most Affordable Seller at Any Point

It is an endeavor that sellers cannot succeed with alone, in modern circumstances. The prices at Amazon constantly change. This procedure is fulfilled by artificial intelligence. You must sell at the most affordable prices as compared to most competitors. The difference does not matter, while just one cent may change the situation in your favor or otherwise. is software that can do repricing non-stop for you. It works online and adjusts the prices according to the robust rules that you specify. The program is highly tunable, therefore you control nearly all possible aspects of the job. When the Amazon robots see that you sell at the smallest prices or near that, it will award you with their ‘BuyBox’, increase your search output positions and provide additional perks.