This bender from Greenlee is the most durable, cost effective and most feature rich programmable bender in the market. It has been engineered and designed with a rugged exterior for the most demanding environments with an absolute encoder based control system on the inside making it the most versatile, most dependable and most intelligent bender available.

This is Greenlee’s most advanced bender with all the capabilities to accomplish the most complicated bends with ease and speed. It can bend 1” to 2” rigid EMT or IMC with just one shoe featuring smart sensors that know exactly what diameter conduit and type you are going to bend and automatically calculates feedspringback for any angle. It comes with a robust pendant controller and an LCD interface that allows the operator to easily program, save and transfer multiple bends via a USB drive making this unit invaluable in jobs that demand many bends and many types of bends.

On the outside, it features a more rigid frame to ensure consistent bending performance over the life of the bender and for convenience it comes with built-in storage, a braking system and forklift tubes for greater flexibility and mobility around the jobsite. Inside, the control system uses current limiting technology designed to draw the right amount of power and protect the motor and electronics.

It has an encoder based system with bending tables so the unit always knows the position of the bending shoe, automatically calculates springback and can communicate bend marking dimensions helping the operator increase productivity and decrease wasted material. The electrical system eliminates arching and any potential relay failure helping increase the life of the electronics while allowing it to handle most jobsite power sources like power sources and temporary power drops.

Controlling this machine is cutting edge. The LCD interface really sets this unit apart. It allows the operator to set and control 7 different bend types, a select number of bends can be saved to the unit’s local memory and an unlimited number of bends can be saved and transferred to other 855GX benders via USB drive.

Setting up for a bend is quick and easy. The frame can be set horizontally or vertically depending on what is best for each bend you make. Plug it into a 20V power source and turn the unit on. Select the desired angle through the unit’s interface and let the machine do the rest.

Greenlee is expanding its distribution range and is now being sold in many countries. Greenlee Mexico is currently experiencing an interesting boom in the construction industry and contractors are finding productivity benefits by using their equipment.