If you are looking for a perfect pair of beach sunglasses then you have a range of Costa glasses to make a choice.  Costa del mar sunglasses are made keeping in mind for people who love the cast sea or ocean and find fishing, boating, and basking under the sun a fun activity or choose to do so for livelihood.

Created in Florida, Costa fishing sunglasses are choices of fishermen too.  They are significant for activities around water. Before you invest, you must learn about the features, available lens colors, frames, research the lens material, and everything necessary to make the right purchase. 

Here we share a short road map in buying your first pair of Costa glasses. Read on.

Costa Sunglasses For Adventure Souls

Costa has established itself as a manufacturing company as a leader in the fishing sunglass industry. They build sunglasses with the highest clarity and are created to stand against the harshest elements and weather conditions and enable comfort, protection, and durability.

Choosing The Frame

Any glass that comes with the right frame is a perfect fit. SO, while selecting your first Costa, you must understand the importance of picking a reasonable frame. Getting a comfortable fit is what you need though the criteria may vary from one person to another person to person. Here is an idea about the various fits.

 What small fit results?

  • Extra light gets into the eyes.
  • They are tight for the face.
  • You will feel them squeezing your temples.

What does an oversized fit do?

  •  Slide from your face
  • The frame protrudes
  • There are gaps to fit your fingers.

So What Is An Ideal Fit?

To get the perfect frame, neither small nor big, you must have it which you can wear for a long duration and comfortably. When you are confident with your pick, match with the above points and relate. If you can strike out all, you have selected what is ideal for you.

Selecting the lens material

Costa lenses leverage 580 technology and come as either polycarbonate or glass.

The glass lens is optically correct and helps you with a clear vision, and is resistant to scratch.  But they are heavier than the polycarbonate lenses yet perfect for off-the-boat activities and fishing.

The polycarbonate lens is unbreakable. They are light to carry and stick well on your face and perfect for a whole day beach excursion. Though they are less expensive, they can be scratched.

Choosing the lens color

This is the final decision to get your full glass. It’s not about style or how you would look, but what time of period you choose to wear them. The polarised lenses come with numerous options ranging from lightest to darkest. For instance, the sunrise lens is more lightweight and reduces the glare from the water. The shaded copper lens gives a warm feeling to your surroundings. The greys are neutral shades and let in just 12% of light. Besides, the green and blue mirror, to mention a few, serves other purposes.

Winding Up

If you are looking for glasses for beach and water activities, costa del mar sunglasses are what you need. Before you lay your hands on a classic pair of glasses, do your bit of research.